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Reserving Student Property

To reserve your student property for next year we would of course require you to view the property first.

Once you have decided on the right property for you, we would then need a reservation fee in order to take the property off the market. The reservation fee will equal to £100.00 per person. Please note that this money is non refundable should you withdraw from the let but is deducted from the final balance on completion.

Once you have paid your reservation fee you will be expected to complete a reference form, which will include details of your home address as well as your parents or guardians details, as they will be expected to guarantee payment of your rent if it falls overdue for any reason.

A copy of the contract will be available when you reserve the property, we would advise that the copy contract is read by all the group at this stage. If there are any questions then we will be pleased to answer these for you.

All students must sign the original contract in one visit and an apointment will be made in order for you to do this. At this stage we will also require the security deposit and administration fee. This will need to be done by the end of January and the first months rent no later than the end of May.

Our student tenancies run for 11 months starting either 1st August or 1st September.

Below is an example of fees for a 4 bedroom house at £1000 per month.

Rent £1000 per month ( £250 per person)

Deposit always equal to one months rent plus £100 = £1100 ( £275 per person)

Administartion fee £40.00 + vat per person = £48.00 per person

Total £2292.00 ( £573.00 per person )

We take payment from one bank account for the rent so its advisable to set up a joint house account for the rent to be taken, we would advise that there are at least two signatures required for such an account. we do not accept individual payments for rent.

Always remember too that the contract makes everyone on it jointly & severely responsible and therefore the actions of one can have consquences on the others so please make sure you are happy with your co tenants before signing the contract.

All deposits are held in a government approved custodial scheme and returned at the end of the tenancy as long as the property is left as it is found.

We would advise all landlords to have an inventory / scedule of condition drawn up prior to the start of the tenancy, where this is not the case we would advise the students to write their own within the first few days of moving in and give us or the landlord a copy.